Swimming Pools

We love our new pool. Johnny made the process so easy. Can't say enough about Ronnie. He always kept us informed during the installation process. And answered any questions we had.

David & Ann Hilliard

Nashville, AR

We are in the process of building a house and decided to go ahead and install a pool. After doing a little shopping around, Backyard Pools and Spas could not be beat on their price or efficiency. It was a hassle free process that we very much appreciated. Everyone is very professional and within no time we had a pool! I recommend them to everyone interested in a pool and even some that are not.

Scott & Ellie Baker

Emerson, AR

We just had a pool installed from this company. They were very helpful in every aspect from start to finish. Ronny and Daniel did an awesome job!! Very professional they know what they are doing! Thank you so much! Even though our son-in-law has already been swimming twice, Dec 11 and Christmas Day, I think I will wait till summer!!

Danny & Linda Compton

Murfreesboro, Arkansas

Backyard Pools did a great job helping us get the pool we wanted . I never felt that we were being pushed to a different pool than what we ended up with. Good quality material and workmanship throughout the construction at a price that was reasonable. Johnny and his construction team were professional and completed the pool within the time frame they promised. Really appreciated the overall process.

John Richardson

Prescott, Arkansas

Johnny and the gang created our awesome backyard oasis 4 years ago. They created a unique pool and deck design that fits all our needs, along with our spa that I adore! Their service is second to none, Ronnie and Daniel are great. I love our pool's control panel with it's automatic programmable settings and remote: I can control the lights, cleaning system - everything- from inside the house! I would recommend Backyard Pools & Spas to anyone interested in a pool or spa. They have served us well.

Celia Montgomery

Hope, Arkansas

I am writing this letter to let you know that if you have been searching for just the right place and the right people to put your "family pool" - you can stop searching. You have definitely found the right place! Backyard Pools and Spas does an absolutely wonderful job! Thanks to them and all their hard work, my family now has a small paradise in our backyard. It is so beautiful and we are so proud of it!
Johnny, the owner, was very professional and meticulous with his work. Not only did he make sure that everything was done right but was so kind to my very impatient children. He has answered every phone call and come back everytime we have needed him since he installed our pool.
Of course, to run such a great business he has to have a good crew with him. I spent almost every day for three weeks with his men and I have nothing but great things to say about these guys. They got to my house early, went home late, and worked so hard in the extreme heat. If they didn't get a raise after this job, they deserve one, or at the very least an "Alaskan Criuse" to cool off.
A backyard pool is a big decision but for our family it has brought so much joy and pleasure. Not to mention the fact that I know where my children are, along with everyone else's. That in itself brings me pleasure!
Thank you Backyard Pools and Spas

Lewis & Ginger Gills

Murfreesboro, Arkansas

Chemical systems

We got our pool in 2011 and have been using Baquacil ever since. We love the fact that it doesn't affect our swim clothes and hair like chlorine does. It is an easy product to use, very low maintenance. Our pool is always ready to go - there's not a long wait after chemicals are added.

Dawn & George Bickerstaff

Hope, Arkansas

We just wanted to tell you how pleased we are with our pool and the Mineral Springs Unit. This is our third pool over the years and the Mineral Springs System has made this pool the easiest to care for, by far. There is just no work involved in maintenance anymore, thanks to the Mineral Springs System.

J.D. & Helen Samuels

Hope, Arkansas

Telling the difference between chlorine tablets and mineral springs renewals

Over the winter time I left my pool open and I used the chlorine tablets because during the winter the Mineral Springs unit shuts down when the water is below 50 degrees so I used the chlorine tablets and my water is still pretty during the winter. When the water warmed up I started using the Renewals again and there was a huge difference in the water, it's a lot brighter, sparkles more and blue and very soft... people comment that the water is a lot softer than the chlorine pool. If I were to choose between the chlorine and Mineral Springs Renewals I would choose the Mineral Springs because the water is a lot prettier, sparkles, a brighter blue and is a lot softer too!

Krista Burton

Prescott, Arkansas


During the construction phase of our new dwelling, we purchased a Shoreline Lounger Spa from Backyard Pools and Spas and enclosed our back porch around it. Working with the folks at Backyard Pools and Spas in Hope was easy and they have been very accommodating. After completion, I depended on their crew to help me through the 'start-up' phase. The entire process was easy. I am thankful to have local folks I can call or simply drop by their shop for advice and/or supplies.

Jerry Nance

Saratoga, AR

Johnny and his staff have been more than ready to help us keep our levels in our salt water pool where they need to be with no charge at all for running the water sample test each time. (Even though we did not purchase our pool from them, which we regret.) We purchased a cover for the winter this year from Backyard pools after going through one fall and winter without one. I talked with Jennifer about the Hot Tubs they had on display and told her I may be interested in one later. At the end of the season, Jennifer called, made me a great deal and we now have a new hot tub that we have not regretted one minute in purchasing. Not only did we get a great deal on the tub, but they were able to come out and put the cover in in the same trip. We were given the best of instructions and help on care for the cover and the tub. We have had several calls making sure everything is working and we are pleased. Johnny and his team have been great and wonderful to work with. Excellent customer service. Everything was made so easy. Thanks Johnny, Jennifer and the rest of the staff at Backyard Pools & Spas.

Libby & Bruce Olney

Prescott, Arkansas

Thanks so much for coming to our home and servicing our new Marquis Spa. The spa has been a fantastic addition to our home. We have had the spa for just over a month now and have used it nearly everyday (sometimes twice a day)! It was nice to be able to buy a product like this in our hometown! The spa has been extremely therapeutic for my husband and me. My husband has some minor back problems and I have some minor feet problems. My favorite part of the Marquis Spa is the feet/leg option. My husband's favorite part of the spa is the back and neck options. And what's even better, is that you can place the control to allow operation of more than one area at a time. The jets are fabulous! The option to be able to control the speed and bubbles is luxurious. The spa is easy to operate and maintain. The different colored lights are an added plus. The cover for the spa is amazing, and another obvious plus. The cover is easy to take on and off and it really seems to help keep the water at the desired temperature. The whole staff at Backyard Pools and Spas have been courteous and helpful. Again, we love our Marquis Spa would recommend buying one to anyone.

Ashley & Shari Bushong

Hope, Arkansas

Big Green Egg

I grilled some squash on it and it turned out really good. I sliced quartered and seasoned the squash, brushed it with olive oil. I even cooked fish on the Big Green Egg three or four times already. Our favorite is grilling a good steak. I marinate the steaks, get the grill real hot, and grill the steaks about 3 ½ or 4 minutes on each side. I like to marinate them with different things; my favorite is just some Worcestershire sauce. I have cooked pork chops, chicken, sausage links, hamburgers, a little bit of everything. I had a gas grill before we got the Big Green Egg and after I cooked on the Big Green Egg the first time, I sold the gas grill. The Big Green Egg cooks so much faster and any time you use charcoal, the food tastes better. I have had the Big Green Egg up to 700 degrees just using one of the fire starters. The natural charcoal lights better and there is little or no ash left. It takes about 10 minutes to get it started and regulates the temperature you need with the vents. I have grilled bacon too; I love bacon and tomato sandwiches. I used the accessory plate setter to grill the bacon. You don't have to worry about the flaming up. I plan to do a turkey and a ham this Thanksgiving.

Keith Sullivan

Hope, Arkansas

Well, I like to do ribs, chicken, and steaks. Actually the last time I cooked steaks, I went to the Big Green Egg Web site, reviewed their videos on different foods, and I viewed the video on steaks and cooked the steaks like they do it, which is basically get the temperature up to 650 to 700 degrees and get some rib eyes inch or inch and half thick, put them on there, and it's like a two minute rotation basically, and in 8 minutes you are done. They were fantastic! I like the baby back ribs. It does a great job; it's a great all around cooker, smoker, and grill! I choose the Big Green Egg charcoal all the time because it works and I don't really want to try anything else. Pick up a bag when I need it at Backyard Pools and Spas and use it for all my grilling! Our family favorites: We like pork loins on there, of course chicken, steaks, and ribs. Pretty much anything. Every now and then we throw in some ducks (the duck breast) and get those grillin' too!

Steve Buelow

Hope, Arkansas

Basically I do ribs and chopped pork with pork shoulders, brisket, and beer butt chicken. I've pretty much cooked everything you put on a grill; it's been on mine. It doesn't compare to especially a gas grill. You can't get the flavor and it seers it in there. You can smoke something slow; it'll get cool as you want it or hot as you want it. The temperature gauge goes to 750 degrees and I have had it on top of that. The charcoal is really efficient. That's probably my favorite part; you get a lot more use out of the charcoal than the regular kind of grill or even a smoker.

Jeff Maneth

Hope, Arkansas

"It's really easy, really easy to start and cooking is a breeze. Holds all juices in it, doesn't burn, and it seers up the meat and the food just has better flavor. Pretty easy to light. You don't have to make a teepee and such. Kinda throw it in there and light it. Fire burns long time. I cook one or two times a weekend and one night a week. I love a two-inch filet from Barrys. That's our family favorite we eat a lot of that. Put a little seasoning, enough to rub on there, and poke a few holes in it, marinate on there, and cook to medium rare. Getting the fire ready is about the same but cooking time is cut in half. You get the fire hot to keep juices in but don't burn your meat.

Dr. Robert Carter